COVID-19 Volunteering

Strict lockdown measures have been imposed across India since March 25th  to contain the spread of Covid-19 disease. An unintended consequence of the lockdown has been that stray animals in our cities are going hungry. These animals living in near residential and commercial areas and specially monkeys living around temples have suddenly had their food supply cut off. However, our volunteers have now stepped in to feed the strays. Volunteers were seen feeding stray animals in various areas of Siliguri.

What We Are Doing?



We’re expanding and streamlining emergency foster programs, remote adoptions, pet food distribution, virtual vet care, and whole family support to save lives and keep pets and people together.


Our Animal Shelters

We’re helping our shelters and rescue groups with essential resources and innovative solutions tailored to meet individual communities’ needs and maximize lifesaving.


Neighbour to Neighbour

We’re organizing compassionate people in communities across the City to join together, take action, and be a beacon of hope for animals at risk and neighbours in need.

Transforming the Future for Homeless Pets

With your help, we’re setting a new standard for lifesaving to lead us into the future. This is our moment to change things for the better, for good. We are as committed as ever to achieving no-kill nationwide by 2025.